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“Matta et Associés” is a Lebanese contracting company working in the field of building construction and public works. It occupies a leading position in the Lebanese construction sector since a long period of time.

In 1966, the engineer Jacques MATTA joined the company founded in 1944 by his uncle Alfred MATTA , becoming his business partner a few years later in the contracting company “ALFRED MATTA & JACQUES MATTA“. The history of the company counts the execution of highly outstanding projects , some of which even make part of the national landmark. Our reference list speaks for itself and contributes as a proof of our pride.

Since 2006, Jacques MATTA is leading on his own the company which  became the Contracting Company “Matta et Associés”.
     Mr Jacques Matta
The annual turnover of “Matta et Associés” during the last five years (2008 to 2012) varies around 50 million US Dollars.

Human Resources:
The human resources of “Matta et Associés” are comprised of highly qualified and competent personnel, some of whom have been serving the company for more than 35 years. Currently the staff of “Matta et Associés” numbers approximately 80 engineers, 200 employees of various skills, and approximately 1000 laborers.


The autonomy and flexibility of the company are demonstrated by the fact that “Matta et Associés” owns today an important fleet of equipment allowing the company to execute the most complicated projects and to overcome the most daring challenges.


 Universite Saint-Joseph, FLSH Campus, Damascus Street
Financial Capabilities:
In addition to its technical capabilities, “Matta et Associés” has at its disposal a solid financial foundation allowing the company access to major banking facilities. The main creditor banks with which the “Matta et Associés” is in permanent relations are :  BANK AUDI, BLOM BANK, BYBLOS BANK, BEMO, BANQUE LIBANO-FRANCAISE , SGBL BANK.

In addition to the execution of prestigious projects, the satisfaction of its clients remains the corner stone of “Matta et Associés” business philosophy.
Sixty-two years of continuous success are the evidence of the pursuit of this philosophy. A success that is attributable to our qualities as perceived by everybody we work with: professionalism at work, technical skills, qualified personnel, total quality control, respect of commitments and professional integrity. The verbal and written recommendations of our clients prove it all.

Tradition and broad experience provide the firm roots for “Matta et Associés“ to look forward to the future with confidence and anticipation.
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